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Initially, we will be supporting a hospice in Sambir, near the city of Lviv, and a community palliative care team in Kyiv.

It is difficult for hospices in Ukraine to purchase the equipment they so desperately need.  We will be purchasing enough equipment to last until Christmas 2023, and will be distributing to each hospice on our upcoming visit.

CLICK HERE for info about
our Trustee visits to Ukraine



buys 1 warm blanket

buys five bottles of

liquid morphine


buys five fentanyl patches for strong

cancer pain


employs a palliative

care nurse for a day


employs a full-time

nurse for 6 months

Other basic equipment needed:

  • Diapers for adults

  • Bed underpads for adults

  • Glucometers with strips

  • Anti bedsore mattresses

  • Toilet chairs

  • Urine bags

  • Colostomy bags

  • Syringes 2.0; 10.0 ml

  • NG tubes and syringes for feeding

  • Ventilator masks ( for SIPAP or BiPAP)

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